Bald Knobber Study Group at WRVHS Scheduled

Leslie Wyman displays Morrow Collection

The Bald Knobber University study group will begin its second year at the White River Valley Historical Society in Forsyth starting Monday, June 26, 6:00 pm. The group will meet on the 4th Monday of each month through November. Participants will explore a wide range of topics concerning the vigilantes, including a look at the individuals involved, the variations between the three county groups, and how their actions continue to impact the region in modern day.

“This study series was well-attended last year by those interested in the Bald Knobber vigilante groups, and many details previously unknown to some of the attendees were discovered, particularly because of the wealth of information contained in the Morrow Collection that was donated by Lynn and Kristen Morrow in 2015,” stated WRVHS Managing Director Leslie Wyman. “The collection contains over thirty years of correspondence, newspaper articles, maps, and court records compiled by the Morrows. During the course of the ‘University’ studies last year, we were able to expand our vigilante collection through donations of papers and pictures by the participants, many of whom were descended from some of the ‘main players’ of that period of Taney County history. Many of the collection items were also reviewed by junior and senior high students to research their National History Day projects, and we’re looking forward to providing assistance again when school begins this fall.”

“An exciting development for Bald Knobber researchers is that we have now started receiving documents from the family of (late Taney County historian) Elmo Ingenthron, including a first-person account by anti-Bald Knobber J J Haworth, which will no doubt be reviewed and discussed during one of the upcoming sessions!” Wyman continued.

Due to space limitations, advance registration is required. Reservations may be made for the Bald Knobber University study group by calling the Society at 417-546-2210 or emailing The course is free.

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