Taney County Post Offices

This is not intended to be a comprehensive history of the towns or post offices in the county, but merely a brief summary, including founder and/or namesake and years of existence. The main source is The Land of Taney by Elmo Ingenthron. Names/dates listed are postmaster/appointment date unless otherwise noted. End of service date is the start of the next person’s appointment. The cutoff date for entries is 1920, unless otherwise noted.

All postal service ceased midsummer 1861, about the time of the Civil War battle of Wilson’s Creek. After the Battle of Pea Ridge in May 1862, partial service was restored.

Ada— Emma McPherson/17 Dec 1904. Discontinued 8 Nov 1907.

Ameera— Elizabeth A. Wayland/31 Jul 1903. Cora M. Allen/5 Oct 1905. Name changed to Hill Crest 5 Sep 1906 because mail was often  incorrectly sent to Aurora, MO.

Antioch— George W. Seaton/2 Jan 1879. Discontinued 24 Jul 1879

Arno— William Turner/4 Feb 1857. Located on Beaver Creek; discontinued 16 Nov 1863. Area of service annexed into Douglas Co. in 1864.
Bald Knob— Green Berry Rozell/15 Dec 1854. Discontinued 10 Apr 1860. James A. Franklin/5 May 1870. Discontinued 12 Oct 1871. Jasper N. McKinney/ 10 Apr 1873. Andro L. Barker/25 Jul 1873. Discontinued 17 Aug 1873. Located near the Taney/Christian county line.

Bauff— Edmund G.W. Hampton/15 Nov 1858. Thomas Tabor/22 Apr 1861. Discontinued 20 Nov 1863 (Civil War) Edmond G.W. Hampton/19 Jul 1867. Thomas Tabor/7 Feb 1868. Discontinued 9 Sep 1868. William G.W. Hampton/1 Apr 1871. William L. Vaux/19 Feb 1873. Edmund G.W. Hampton/7 May 1875. John C. Nance/18 Jul 1879. Discontinued 30 Oct 1879. Henry Burnett/26 Jun 1884. Robert M. Wister/24 Aug 1888. Ephraim E. Lewis/23 Jul 1890. John F. Boles/27 May 1893. Discontinued 12 Jan 1894, mail sent to Protem. Located on Big Creek, near the present Ozark/Taney County line.

Beaver Creek— Henry Bradley/25 Jul 1856. Discontinued 30 Oct 1856.

Bee Creek— Y.Z. Thomason/8 Jul 1871. George W. David/2 Aug 1871. Discontinued 20 Oct 1871. William C. Peirson/28 Mar 1873. Discontinued 3 Jul 1873.

Big Beaver/Pryor’s Store— William Lawrence/3 Jan 1856. James Ivans/17 Feb 1857. Thomas W. Jernigan/14 Aug 1858. James Ivans/13 May 1859. Name changed to Pryor’s Store 21 Oct 1859. Area of service annexed into Douglas Co. in 1864.

Bluff— James F. Jones/25 Apr 1893. Zedrick Clauson/14 Aug 1895. Harmon L. Cook/3 Sep 1897. John K. Wicks/4 Nov 1897. Isaac M. Cook/4 Aug 1909. Discontinued 16 Mar 1914. Cora B. Pope/26 Dec 1922. George W. Clevenger/11 Mar 1924. William H. Bilyeu/3 Mar 1926. Fay Glover/20 Mar 1928. Date of discontinuance unknown.

Bradleyville— Henry Bradley/15 Jan 1861. William J. Morgan/21 Feb 1861. Discontinued 20 Nov 1863. Beden Eslick/8 Nov 1867. James DeGraff/15 Nov 1869. James Garrison/6 Jan 1870. Discontinued 14 Sep 1870. Isaac L. McPherson/2 Sep 1872. Thomas L. Fitch/19 Dec 1888. John W. Fitch/19 Dec 1888. William M. Jackson/27 Jan 1891. Thomas J. Stottle/21 Sep 1894. William M. Jackson/26 Sep 1894. John C. Pierce/4 Apr 1895. Benjamin F. Scoggins/25 Oct 1895. William M. Jackson/17 Feb 1896. John W. Mackey/22 Apr 1891. Montie B. Slusher/21 Mar 1912. Ora Lawrence/10 Dec 1913. Benjamin F. James/27 Feb 1919.

Branson— named after first postmaster, Reuben S. Branson. Originally established at the mouth of Bull Creek, near Hensley’s Ferry, it was moved to the mouth of Roark Creek. Reuben S. Branson/13 Jun 1882. Willam M. Hawkins/7 Dec 1886. Name changed to Lucia 2 May 1901. Changed back to Branson 11 Jun 1904. William R. Cox/11 Jun 1904. Higdon R. Melton/13 Mar 1906. John S. Patterson/10 Sep 1909. George W. Van Zandt/3 Nov 1910. James R. Bennett/25 Jul 1913. Fred Moran/29 Mar 1927. Continues service.

Brown Branch— William S. Selvidge/12 Mar 1875. Jacob Goss/13 Dec 1876. Discontinued 28 Oct 1878. Robert F. Dran/17 Dec 1879. Jesse B. Clay/7 Jan 1889. Stephen M. Brake/30 Jan 1895. Adam Johnson/24 Apr 1897. Isaac F. Adams/27 Oct 1898. James A. Sherrodd/31 Jul 1900. Isaac F. Adams/27 Oct 1900. Adam Johnson/27 Feb 1904. George W. Johnson/21 Apr 1905. Harrison A. Thomas/21 Jun 1907. Frank Roberts/7 Jun 1920

Bull Creek Village— incorporated in the mid-1990s. Located on F Hwy between US Hwy 65 and US Hwy 160, on Bull Creek. Mail service handled by Branson.

Bull Mills— Established/constructed about 1833 by James Kimberling, near head of Bull Creek (Ingenthron states “about 5 miles above the mouth of Woods’ Fork). Part of the Springfield, MO-Carrollton, AR mail route, on the Ozark Mail Trace Road. William M. Cearnal or Richard Jones/11 Dec 1840; discontinued 8 Sep 1841. Richard Jones/21 Aug 1850; Richard F. Cox; 2 Jan 1857. Incorporated into Christian Co. in 1859. Discontinued (Civil War) 20 Nov 1863. Richard F. Cox/1 Feb 1867
Cape Fair— John B. Williams/7 Oct 1847 on the James River, near the mouth of Flat Creek. Annexed into Stone County in 1851.

Cedar Creek— Felia Wilson/16 May 1871. Discontinued 12 Oct 1871. P.W. Baughman/15 Apr 1872. John R. Irelan/28 Jul 1873. Charles M. Whelchel/5 Sep 1873. Janet W. Trammell/19 Jul 1877. David M. Trammell/9 Feb 1881. Colonel B. Stallcup/31 May 1881. Thomas B. Coulter/17 Jan 1883. James W. Yandell/28 Jul 1886. Pleasant A. Cummings/30 Apr 1890. Mary E. Irelan/21 Apr 1892. John H. Deeds/1 Nov 1893. Christopher C. Collins/22 May 1894. George Van Zandt/5 Apr 1898. Walter Coble/13 Apr 1899. William Coble/9 Apr 1906. Walter Coble/7 Jun 1907. Ruth Stacey/13 Oct 1925.

Cedar Valley— J.H.A. White/31 Dec 1873. Clarence K. Buckner/13 Jan 1876. Russel Buckner/6 Mar 1876. LeRoy R. Stiles/27 Nov 1877. James Bolton Rice/24 Apr 1879. George F. Shelton/29 Mar 1880. Phileman F. Stoddard/1 Sep 1882. James B. Rice/23 Jan 1884. Elmer E. Stires/20 Dec 1897. William H. Wells/10 Jan 1902. James M. Holliday/18 Dec 1905. Green R. Powers/7 Jun 1906. John R. Lewallen/4 Sep 1908. Frank B. Weed/21 Mar 1912. John A. Pinkley/29 Nov 1912. Robert W. Wade/10 May 1920. Thomas McCurbon/23 Aug 1921. Riley Thomason/19 Sep 1922. Janice T. Justus/24 Aug 1924. William T. Moore/9 Nov 1926. Discontinued 29 Jun 1935. Located originally at the Cedar Valley Mill, the P.O. was moved downstream in 1905, nearer the mouth of Long Creek. Townsite acquired by US Army Corps of Engineers in the mid-1950s prior to impoundment of Table Rock Dam in 1959. Cemetery removed to present site of Cedar Valley Church, east of old townsite.

Comoville— John W. Juday/20 Feb 1924. John W. Juday, Jr./27 Feb 1932. Discontinued 14 May 1934. Name taken from Lake Taneycomo.
Day— Madison Day/18 Nov 1889. Reubin W.P. Cummings/18 Oct 1892. Joshua Allen/16 Nov 1892. Jas. H. Critchfield/1 Mar 1894. Robert V. Brinkley/11 Jan 1895. Reubin W.P. Cummings/22 Jun 1895. Thomas N. Harper/25 Jun 1896. Hiram S. Cook/4 Nov 1897. Harmon S. Cook/2 Dec 1897. Bertha Chandler/26 Feb 1902. Lonnie Stewart/20 Sep 1906. Ulysses G. Weatherman/23 Jan 1907. William L. Welch/25 Nov 1907. Lewis F. Bearden/22 Jan 1909. Jas. A. St. Clair/17 May 1909. Lillian L. St. Clair/25 Feb 1911. James A. St. Clair/27 Aug 1914. Rufus R. Cummings/6 Nov 1914. Ross Layton/13 Jan 1915. Alabama Layton/24 Nov 1916. Andrew S. St. Clair/26 Nov 1917. Alabama Layton/17 Jan 1920. Discontinued 4 Oct 1957. Located on Bear Creek, at Whacker Dam Mill.

Dewey Bald— Mathias C. Shearer/16 Feb 1916. Griffin O. Bruffett/15 Aug 1917. Sarah W. Bicknell/22 Mar 1920. Discontinued 30 Jun 1933. Located near Dewey Bald, above Fall Creek.

Dickens— John T. Dickenson/23 Dec 1899. John W. Dickenson/28 Apr 1910. Jesse Wayne Dickenson/30 Nov 1949. Chester A. Bennett/30 Nov 1952. Discontinued 1 Sep 1958. Named for Englishman John Dickenson’s favorite novelist, Charles Dickens. Located west of Taneyville.

Dit/Nance— Jesse Nance/20 Jun 1899. Otto R. Wolf/26 May 1906. Changed to Nance 30 Jul 1908. Originally established as Dit after first postmaster’s daughter in Ozark County; moved into Taney County, and re-named Nance in honor of J.C. Nance, father of postmaster Jesse Nance.

Dry Caney— Francis McShane/14 Mar 1860. Discontinued 20 Jun 1860.
Eastview— Susan C. Bird/24 Jul 1901. Laura Lee/23 Feb 1905. Susan C. Bird/8 May 1908. Methious S. Newton/7 Jan 1910. Mary E. Friend/17 Dec 1921. Discontinued 31 Dec 1928.

Eglinton— Jacob G. Hulett/7 Mar 1882. John T. Dickenson/5 Sep 1882. Discontinued 5 Oct 1887; service area covered by Forsyth. Colony of Engish settlers en route to Texas from New York for commune-type community; some families chose to settle in Taney County. The experiment, despite hard work from its believers, was a failure and many families left.

Emery— Bertha Chandler/16 May 1908. Henry Barmer/10 Jan 1911. Clarence E. Bolles/21 Jan 1911. Discontinued 31 Dec 1912. Located at the head of Emory Creek; named for Hembree/Emery family.
Fairview— Located on present-day Hwy 125, north of US Hwy 160.

Flag— Benjamin C. Pyles/21 Jan 1900. George W. Wommack/14 Oct 1901. Ernest Mounce/3 Dec 1907. Albert L. Hulsey/13 Jan 1913. Iva L. Barton/2 Jun 1914. John W. Barton/4 Sep 1916. John T. Grinstead/20 Jun 1919. John T. Ford/4 Mar 1920. Discontinued 15 Feb 1927. Service sent to Branson, “Flag Route”. Located near Stone Co. line, in the vicinity of present-day Table Rock Dam.

Forsyth— John W. Hancock/13 Sep 1837. John D. Shannon/12 Mar 1840. John H. Miller/13 Jul 1840. Joseph C. Page/28 Jul 1841. Thomas M. Johnston/16 Aug 1842. John W. Danforth/28 Apr 1843. William C. Berry/4 Apr 1856. H.C. Snapp/10 Jul 1861. Discontinued 15 Apr 1863 (Civil War) James Thompson/2 Apr 1866. John J. Brown/9 Oct 1866. Ramson D. Breedlove/27 Sep 1867. Benjamin W.T. Bodenhamer/28 Apr 1868. Samuel Etheridge/29 Jun 1869. J.J. Brown/20 Dec 1869. James T. Owen/28 Aug 1870. Lysander H. Jennings/27 Dec 1875. Benjiman F. Gowing/30 Dec 1878. Lysander Jennings/21 Apr 1879. William S. Campbell/2 Jul 1880. Henry C. Everett/7 Nov 1885. Kenneth L. Burdett/6 Jan 1888. Thomas W. Davis/2 May 1888. William L. Peck/19 Apr 1889. Jesse M. Jennings/21 Dec 1889. Sarah E. Burks/6 Jul 1890. D.F. McConkey/20 Apr 1897. Jesse A. Tolerton/6 Jan 1904. Andrew J. Brazeal/28 Mar 1906. James E. Everett/27 Feb 1913. Calvin B. Ford/28 Aug 1914. Clarence E. Bolles/4 Dec 1916. Isaac H. Arnold/21 Dec 1921. Postal service continues. Designated county seat in 1838. Townsite originally at the mouth of Swan Creek; moved to bluff west of mouth in 1950, due to impoundment of Bull Shoals Dam. Named for a friend of John W. Danforth’s, John Forsyth, of Georgia, who was Andrew Jackson’s Secretary of State.
Garber— Joel Garber/18 Mar 1895. William F. Fronabarger/16 Nov 1901. Frank E. Denham/23 Mar 1906. John K. Ross (inspiration for “Old Matt” of The Shepherd of the Hills)/9 Apr 1907. Edmond P. Edwards/18 Aug 1923. Service discontinued 1 Jun 1956. Located on Roark Creek, near Stone Co. line. On railroad; depot was drop-off point for tourists visiting “Marvel Cave” in the early 20th century.

Goodloe— Wm. R. Adams/28 Dec 1893. Charles J. Madden/18 Apr 1894. John Byrns/28 Jun 1898. Ambrose Combs/12 Jan 1899. Susan B. Adams/10 Jun 1899. Wm. R. Adams/16 Apr 1904. Joseph E. Fields/23 Jan 1906. Changed to Greenleaf 18 Mar 1911. Located on/near Brushy Creek, south of Bradleyville.

Goodnight— Thomas J. Harper/23 Dec 1911. Lewis F. Bearden/8 Apr 1913. Discontinued 20 Nov 1913. Located on ? Creek, tributary to Bear Creek, west of Goodnight Hollow.

Greenleaf— Joseph E. Fields/18 Mar 1911. Randolph D. Caudill/13 Dec 1912. Ira Caudill/28 Apr 1913. Discontinued 16 Mar 1914.

Gretna— Robert F. Holland/10 Mar 1906. John R. Boswell/2 Jan 1909. Carrie W. Moore/9 May 1911. Discontinued 30 Nov 1911. Located on Roark Creek, where present-day Royal Oak Charcoal company is, beside railroad; north of Dewey Bald. The Dewey Bald P.O. was later established in the same location. Cemetery is located at west end of charcoal plant.

Groom— Thomas L. Toon/14 Jan 1903. Oliver H. Brown/28 Oct 1913. Discontinued 14 Aug 1914.
Haworth— John Moseley/16 Dec 1887. Discontinued 1 Mar 1890.

Hercules— Jesse T. Wells/29 Nov 1889. Wm. J. Craft/1 Mar 1894. Joseph W. Hern/12 Apr 1904. George W. Bray/12 Apr 1905. Henry H. Hall/11 Apr 1908. James P. Bray/12 Oct 1914. Robert A. Patterson/4 Dec 1924. John P. Bray/21 Aug 1928. Discontinued 30 Nov 1935.

Hilda— James T. Moseley/20 Nov 1896. James W. Bedford/27 Feb 1905. Joseph E. Soutee/25 Nov 1907. Charles H. McKedy/24 Dec 1910. Elisha W. Moseley/22 May 1911. William H. Adams/22 Nov 1918. Post office moved to new location after floods in 1930s. Service continued until 1964.

Hill Crest— formerly known as Ameera. Cora M. Allen/5 Sep 1906. Seth L. Knapp/24 May 1906. Elsie Peterson/5 Sep 1906. Discontinued 14 Jan 1911

Hollister— Reuben T. Kirkham/18 Jun 1904. Thomas J. Jennings/2 Nov 1905. Edd Dugger/22 Aug 1914. Clyde E. Jennings/8 Mar 1922. Service continues.
Ike— George B. Dickson/22 Apr 1920. Discontinued 21 Jan 1927. Mail sent to Reeds Spring. Near Stone Co. line, on Bear Creek/Roark Creek Divide. Present-day site would be just southeast of junction Hwys US 160 & MO 248.

Irma— Peter W. Wion/20 Jun 1899. Cora H. Wion/27 Mar 1901. William F. Philpott/7 Oct 1902. Norval D. Wallace/18 Oct 1906. Discontinued 31 Aug 1911. *Wion appears as “Nion” in 1900 federal census. Family name doesn’t appear in 1910 federal census. Located NE of Emery, between Bear Creek and Roark Creek.
Jody— John H. Blair/12 Dec 1904. Discontinued 3 Feb 1906.
Kirbyville— William M. Kirby/18 Apr 1871. Hiram P. Britton/20 May 1872. Wm. H. Townsend/2 Dec 1872. A.B. Griffith/14 Jun 1875. Wm. J. Middleton/9 Jul 1877. John M. Brady/2 Oct 1878. Thurman T. Warner/20 May 1879. Jns. F. Stanhope/8 Dec 1879. John H. Middleton/3 Oct 1881. Thomas J. Van Zandt/14 Jan 1884. John B. Bedford/2 Dec 1885. Martin Waltman/14 Sep 1889. George W. Van Zandt/13 Oct 1892. George Meranda/19 Dec 1893. Wm. J. Middleton/8 Dec 1897. Wm. M. Middleton/29 Aug 1899. Solomon W. Linzy/22 Jul 1901. Jas. H. Trammell/10 Nov 1909. John H. Rose/12 Dec 1910. Laura E. Adams/22 May 1911. Etta Leathers/13 Jan 1913. Czar L. Stottle/18 Dec 1915. Frank L. Woods/8 Jul 1921. Service continues.

Kissee Mills— Alexander C. Kissee/18 Apr 1871. Discontinued 8 May 1872. Thomas S. Coulter/10 Jul 1877. Arter Kissee/20 Jul 1880. DeWitt C. Kershner/4 Feb 1891. James C. Johnson, Jr./19 Jun 1901. Doctor A. White/26 Jul 1902. Thomas C. Humphreys/6 Aug 1902. James C. Johnson, Jr./11 Dec 1902. John P. Bray/2 Jul 1903. DeWitt C. Kershner/11 Mar 1904. Otto R. Wolf/30 Dec 1908. Jacob E. Everly/22 Nov 1918. John P. William/8 Jul 1919. Service continues.

Layton— Austin S. Layton/11 Dec 1860. Discontinued 20 Nov 1863 (Civil War) Five to six miles south of Kirbyville. Location of later Layton’s Mill P.O.

Layton’s Mill— John R. Bedford/21 Jan 1888. Alvin E. Eaton/18 Feb 1888. Martin Waltman/18 Jun 1889. Mail re-routed to Kirbyville–14 Sep 1889.

Little Beaver— Samual Lawrence/15 Apr 1856. James Patterson/14 Nov 1857. Samuel Agnew/ 5 May 1860. Discontinued 2 Mar 1863 (Civil War). Area served probably annexed into Douglas Co. in 1864.

Lucia (loo’ sha)— William W. Hawkins/2 May 1901. William R. Cox/19 Jan 1903. Two villages (Branson, Lucia) existed side-by-side until they were joined 2 May 1901 and called Lucia. The name was changed back to Branson 11 Jun 1904.
McClurg— Joseph M. Lyon/12 Feb 1894. William R. Lyon/1 Nov 1898. Orie A Cowdry/9 May 1902. Vesper E. Friend/11 Dec 1902. Arthur A. Brake/12 Jan 1903. James H. Morefield/5 May 1904. William R. Lyon/26 Jul 1904. Little B. Howard/14 May 1909. Jesse F. Lambeth/13 Jul 1911. John W.B. Hicks/11 Nov 1911. William R. Lyon/8 Jun 1914. Ignatz Blattel/14 Apr 1926. Service continued until after 1951.

McFarland— George R. McFarland/5 Mar 1901. George C. Steely/11 May 1906. George R. McFarland/10 Jul 1907. Discontinued 31 Mar 1911. Located on Swan Creek about 3 miles above the mouth near or at the site of McFarland Mill.

Melva— George Whorton/5 Oct 1906. Andrew J. Sweet/25 Nov 1907. Maud E. Sweet/16 May 1914. Mable C. Bennett/2 Jan 1921. Thomas J. Stottle/11 Jan 1927. Discontinued 30 Jun 1931. Town virtually destroyed in tornado of Mar, 1920.

Mildred— Benjamin B. Price/13 May 1910. Nellie Price/23 Aug 1913. Nellie P. McCann/30 Oct 1915. Discontinued 15 Mar 1934. Named by first postmaster Price for his daughter.

Mincy— Clemon Hopper/6 May 1870. Anderson Hopper/26 May 1876. Oliver H.P. Larribee/19 Apr 1880. Creel Hopper/12 Jan 1885. John J. Decker/20 Jan 1888. Ellis E. Decker/3 May 1888. Charles T. Jennings/23 Jul 1890. William H. Hefner/19 Dec 1898. Martha E. White/21 Oct 1899. William T. Moore/15 Jun 1904. William L. Cook/12 Mar 1910. William T. Moore/26 Jun 1912. Charles Preston Mahnkey/5 Oct 1914. John J. Fulkerson/10 Dec 1915. Mamie Mahnkey/26 Mar 1917. Henry H. Hyde/17 Jan 1919. Frederick C. Leathers/21 Dec 1920. Service continued until 21 Dec 1954.
Nance— Jesse J. Stehle/3 Jul 1908. Arthur Stehle/24 Sep 1908. William P. Hodges/16 Dec 1911. Walter Holt/28 Oct 1913. George W. Taber/5 Nov 1918. William P. Hodges/28 Feb 1919. Pearl A. Harvey/9 Oct 1924. Discontinued 14 Feb 1925. Located south of Goetz Ridge, on West Fork of Big Creek.

Nancy— William C. Clark/3 Jan 1905. Discontinued 14 Feb 1908. Named for the mother of postmaster William C. Clark.
Oasis— Effie L. Stires/17 Mar 1906. Alice E. Johnson/13 Apr 1911. Robert E. Johnson/2 Oct 1918. Mamie Mahnkey/ 31 May 1922. Service discontinued 31 Jun 1951. Established at the site of Cedar Valley Mill in by Elmer & Effie Stires (mill was renamed Oasis). Destroyed by flood in 1927, acquired by US Army Corps of Engineers in mid-1950s prior to impoundment of Table Rock Dam in 1959. This area is now called Twin Islands, visible to the north from the Hwy 86 bridge over Long Creek; scuba divers explore it frequently.

Osaka— David G. McKinney/27 Jul 1905. Jessie P. Wright/15 May 1909. John Byrns/30 Sep 1910. Discontinued 8 Apr 1912. On Beaver Creek, above the mouth of Brushy Creek, SW of Bradleyville.

Ozark Beach— Virdon K. Darby/7 Aug 1919. Harvey J. Lewis/30 Mar 1922. Discontinued in the 1940s. Village was established with the building of Powersite Dam as a “tent city”; construction workers made up the citizenry. Turn south on present-day Co. Rd. Y from Forsyth, go about 3 miles. Area currently serves as resort region, with many older houses built as vacation homes.
Pedrow— William Pedrow Moberly/23 Apr 1902. Discontinued 31 Mar 1913. At the site of Moberly Mill. Above the mouth of Bull Creek, near the Springfield/Harrison Road. Business was slowed by the railroad in 1906, and the townsite was inundated with the impounding of Powersite Dam in 1913.

Pine Grove— George W. Ziegler/30 Apr 1875. Discontinued 4 Sep 1877. Location unknown.

Pinetop— Charles D. Franklin/12 Dec 1902. Fred D. Smith/27 Mar 1903. William E. Ramp/25 Jan 1904. Andrew J. Pruitt/1 Jun 1904. Robert F. Goss/6 Dec 1904. David L. Pruitt/1 Dec 1905. Benjamin L. Cummings/6 Oct 1906. William H. Church/5 Mar 1908. Minot J. Huntley/10 Apr 1914. Lucinda J. Kelly/13 Mar 1917. Discontinued 15 Jan 1929. Located near AR state line, south of Kirbyville, along the Springfield/Harrison Road.

Point.Lookout— Established in 1931 at the former School of the Ozarks (now called “College of the Ozarks”); service continues.

Polk— John May, Jr./7 Feb 1840, probably near the mouth of Bilyeu Creek on Swan Creek. Discontinued 11 Nov 1841, 5 days before the establishment of Swan Post Office at the same site.

Pope— James Craig/31 Mar 1914. Discontinued 15 Dec 1914. Named for Edward C. Pope, friend of postmaster. On Bull Creek, between Bluff and Walnut Shade.

Powers— Robert J. Powers/17 Jul 1900. Discontinued 22 Oct 1901.

Powersite— Louis H. Livingston/17 Mar 1913. Arthur C. Achey/17 Sep 1920. Service continues. Located on ridge above Powersite Dam, east of the White River.

Protem— C.C. Owen/1 Nov 1875. William L. Vaun/8 May 1877. Albert M. Owen/12 Jan 1888. Samuel W. Fain/26 Jun 1888. James W. Owen/30 Aug 1889. Samuel W. Fain/2 Jan 1890. Granville A. Holt/10 Sep 1891. Harry C. Landers/10 Jul 1898. James W. Owen/28 Jan 1901. Flaurice J. Long/7 Nov 1907. William W. Hackett/8 May 1908. Cyrus A. James/26 Oct 1912. William G. Thornton/14 Apr 1915. John W. Collins/29 Apr 1921. Service continues. C.C. Owen, first postmaster, and the P.O. Department in Washington, D.C., could not agree on a name for the post office. Someone in the Dept. gave the name “protem” for the Latin word “Protempore”, meaning “for the time being.” The name was never changed.
Ransom— Myrtle Ingenthron/25 Sep 1907. Eliza Ingenthron/2 Feb 1910. Discontinued 28 Feb 1911. Located near junction of present-day US Hwy 160 and Co. Rd. H, NE of Rockaway Beach.

Ridgedale— George C. Carmichel/2 Mar 1912. Discontinued 16 May 1914. William R. Carey/2 Nov 1933. Service continues.

Rill— Mary F. Parrill/4 Apr 1908. Discontinued 29 May 1926. Name taken from postmistress, Mary F. Parrill. Located near Christian Co. line, between Swan and Bull Creeks.

Rock Branch— Simon J. Bunch/26 Mar 1857. Discontinued 28 Jul 1857. Exact location unknown.

Rueter— William J. Croft/26 Jan 1906. Jacob F. Goetz/5 Feb 1915. Clara M. Goetz/9 Dec 1926. James C. Williams/3 Dec 1928. Discontinued 30 Sep 1933. Adrey F. Merideth/27 Jul 1937. Located at present-day junction of US Hwy 160 and MO Hwy 125.

Runthead— Jackbo D. Dyke/18 May 1880. Name changed to Swan 12 Jul 1880. Also known as Bust Head.

Ruthy— Emma Haskins/3 Mar 1910. Discontinued 31 Dec 1913.
Stroud— Lizzie Stroud/1 Jul 1908. Discontinued 5 Dec 1908.

Swan/Swan Fork/Swan Creek— Joel Hall/16 Nov 1841. Henry Stevens/25 Oct 1843. Discontinued 25 Mar 1844. Swan Fork Joel Hall/8 Apr 1850, discontinued 19 Mar 1851. Swan Creek–Joel Hall/3 Jan 1856. Harvey Burkhart/20 May 1856. Discontinued 19 Aug 1856. Swan–James M. Fagg/2 Dec 1860. Discontinued 3 Jun 1864 (Civil War). Jacob M. Dyke/12 Jul 1880. Discontinued 18 Nov 1880. Jacob D. Dyke/15 Feb 1881. William C. Dyke/16 Apr 1887. Robert A. Baker/6 Aug 1888. Marcus C. Barnes/25 Nov 1889. Milton W. Merrick/23 Jan 1891. Henry H. Hinkle/24 May 1894. Milton W. Merrick/6 Feb 1895. Edmond Wellington/3 Aug 1897. William H. Lewis/10 Sep 1898. George Burger/20 Feb 1900. Milton W. Merrick/24 Oct 1902. John G. Burger/4 Sep 1903. William O. Douglas/18 Mar 1914. John G. Burger/8 Mar 1917. Esther W. Casey/28 Feb 1947. John A. Burger, Jr./ 18 May 1948. Discontinued 31 May 1957.
Table Rock Village

Taney City/Taneyville— John N. Belt/22 Jun 1858. John Woodward/26 May 1859. Discontinued 7 Jun 1859. James R. Pack/11 Jun 1860. Discontinued 1863. James Morrow/12 Feb 1867. Discontinued 12 Oct 1875. Elizabeth Simmons/12 Jun 1888. William Mercer/1 Jan 1889. John T. Dickenson/11 Nov 1889. Lawrence Carroll/13 Nov 1893. Discontinued 11 May 1894 (name changed to Taneyville). Lawrence Carroll/11 May 1894. Washington Simmons/3 Dec 1895. Nathan Crutchfield/16 Feb 1898. John W. Powell/13 Mar 1899. James L. Morrow/18 Jan 1901. Byron Butler/23 May 1910. Albert W. Morrow/26 Oct 1912. Jesse L. Gordon/11 Jun 1914. Lydia Clemons/13 May 1932.

Taneycomo— Jacob Muller/31 Jan 1919. Named for Lake Taneycomo. Changed to Rockaway Beach 1 Apr 1933 so the post office and the resort town it served would have the same name.

Thistle— Robert T. Dean/18 April 1871. Discontinued 4 Jun 1872.

Tidwell— William Tidwell/16 Jun 1890. Nelson N. Southworth/14 Apr 1891. William Tidwell/29 May 1894. Discontinued 20 Dec 1894.
Walnut Shade— Samuel T. Weatherman/14 Jun 1860. Discontinued during Civil War. Jason Smith/24 May 1873. David T. Smith/7 Aug 1879. Samuel Weatherman/18 Dec 1879. William J. Keithley/28 Dec 1881. David T. Smith/9 May 1882. Beverly L. Waddle/2 Sep 1891. Mary M. Seller/11 Jul 1893. David T. Smith/18 Aug 1895. William WEatherman/4 Nov 1897. Harmon S. Cook/3 Sep 1902. James W. Bedford/13 Aug 1912. Vincent A. Cummings/9 Sep 1913. Conrad E. Mallonee/7 Dec 1914. Lunda Ingenthron/14 Apr 1915. Albert Renshaw/17 Jul 1916. James C. Craig/11 Jul 1917. Albert Renshaw/17 Jan 1918. Chas W. Ingenthron/8 Nov 1919.

Warnersville— early name for Kirbyville.

Wayside— Stewart A. Mott/4 Jun 1909. Discontinued 14 Jan 1911

Wilbur— Martha C. Garber/5 Nov 1890. Discontinued 18 May 1895.

Windy— William J. Roberts/4 May 1905. Discontinued 30 Apr 1907. Located in first postmaster W.J. Roberts’ store on Cane Creek; name of P.O. came from exaggerated tales told in the store.