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Abbott W. O. No Arno, Douglas Co. MO
Lopp Anna Yes Arno, Douglas Co. MO
24-Oct-1887 J. A. Park, MG B 1 p 75

Abel William S. Yes Walnut Shade
Pritchard Susan J. Yes Walnut Shade
21-Sep-1892 Geo. W. Richardson, Minister B 2 p 14

Achey Oliver J. Yes Kirbyville
Wiggins Betsey Yes Kirbyville
25-Dec-1892 Jonathan Achey, JP B 2 p 25

Acton S. O. Yes Forsyth
Brown (Mrs.) Mary J. Yes Sticklersville, Sullivan Co. MO
02-Oct-1897 A. F. Holman, MG B 2 p 300

Adams A. R. Yes Brown Branch
Brake Kittie Yes Brown Branch
07-Sep-1899 J. G. Lewis, JP B 2 p 422

Adams B. M. Yes Kissee Mills
Burns Ellen Yes Kissee Mills
03-Aug-1894 J. A. Thomas, JP B 2 p 110

Adams E. B. Yes Protem
Moon Burlie Yes Protem
21-Dec-1890 J. W. Sullivan, MG B 1 p 219

Adams E. W. Yes Brown Branch
Palmer Suda Yes Brown Branch
24-Aug-1890 L.C. Guthrey, Min. B 1 p 202

Adams J. C. No Bradleyville
Clawson L. A. Yes Bradleyville
11-Aug-1889 A. J. Filbeck, MG B 1 p 147 (No assent shown to this marriage)

Adams J. G. Yes Taney City
Stone Mary L. Yes Taney City
B 1 p 158 Martha C. Johnson, mother of bride gave her consent, but license was returned–not married

Adams O. F. No Brown Branch
Palmer Fannie No Brown Branch
B 1 p 38 John Combes makes affidavit that he heard Angaline Adams give her assent to her son’s marriage and also the said John Combes said he heard A W. Palmer give his consent to his daughter’s marriage

Adams Ezekiel No Little Beaver
Cornett Martha No Brown Branch
15-Aug-1887 L.C. Guthrey, MG B 1 p 65 Both had written consent from their parents

Adams Jake No Taneyville
Beddingfield Minnie No Taneyville
12-Jan-1899 Arthur Rogers, MG B 2 p 385 Parents of this couple have given their assent to said marr.

Adams James F. Yes Protem
Landers Beatrice Yes Protem
23-Dec-1885 Elder W.W. Magee B 1 p 3

Adams James M. Yes Kissee Mills
Rucker Ida Belle No Forsyth
17-Jul-1896 J. A. Thomas, JP B 2 p 236 Father of Ida Belle gives his assent to said marr.

Adams John M. No Bradleyville
McPherson Sarah J. Yes Bradleyville
11-Dec-1892 Thos. L. Fitch, J. of County Court B 2 p 22 Wm. Adams, father of John M. has given his assent

Adams John Q. Yes Kissee Mills
Hankins Hattie Yes Kissee Mills
25-Jan-1891 J. A. Thomas, JP B 1 p 228 Sarah Hankins, mother of Hattie, gives her assent

Adams John T. Yes Kissee Mills
Devore Lucy F. Yes Kissee Mills
09-Nov-1899 J. A. Thomas, JP B 2 p 430

Adams Milliard Yes Forsyth
Davidson Rosie Yes Taney Co.
31-Dec-1891 Wm. H. Jones, JP B 1 p 273

Adams Stephen Yes Brown Branch
Barnes Berthan No Brown Branch
28-Apr-1896 R. D. Candill, JP B 2 p 219

Adams Vincent Yes Bradleyville
Johnson Martha G. Yes Bradleyville
25-May-1892 Arthur Rogers, MG B 1 p 288

Adams Wm. Yes Conner
Hawkins Julia M. Yes Conner
08-Aug-1890 J. A. Thomas, JP B 1 p 199

Ady (Aday? Vks) Alonzo Yes Protem
Wood Ella Yes Protem
B 1 p 177 Marriage record not filled out. License was issued 29 Mar 1890

Alldridge W. M. Yes Protem
Shelton A. M. Yes Protem
18-Jun-1899 Montgomery Smith, JP B 2 p 409

Allen R. C. Yes Cedar Valley
Hurley Laura Yes Cedar Valley
27-Oct-1898 Frank E. Rice, JP B 2 p 364

Alley Samuel M. Yes Brown Branch
Wright Daisey Yes Brown Branch
27-Dec-1898 Thos. J. Hicks, MG B 2 p 382

Alms Albert M. Yes Chandler, Lincoln Co. OK
Lewis Rosa Yes Walnut Shade
31-Dec-1896 J. M. Kinyon, JP B 2 p 258

Alms William No Walnut Shade
Roberts Mary No Walnut Shade
B 1 p 172 Henry W. Alms, his father, and Joe Roberts, her father, gave their assent to marriage but marriage data never filled in

Alsup George W. No Mincy
Spees Phoebe No Taney
15-Jul-1890 P. Minnick B 1 p 195 Martha Neighbors, mother Geo. Alsup gives her assent to marr.

Alsup Willis F. Yes Mincy
Thomason Naomi A. Yes Kirbyville
19-Sep-1894 John Spencer B 2 p 112

Alsupt James No Boone, Boone Co. AR
McGill Martha Yes Boone, Boone Co. AR
B 1 p 30
Martha Alsupt, mother of said James Alsupt filed her written consent to marriage, but marriage record is not filled in

Anderson B. H. Yes Crawford, (Boone Co. AR)
Fickle Eva B. Yes Kirbyville
14-Feb-1887 J. M. Haworth, ECC B 1 p 41

Angel G. D. No Omaha, Boone Co. AR
Marshall Belle Yes Omaha, Boone Co. AR
06-Mar-1898 R. F. Powers, MG B 2 p 330 Father of groom has given his assent in writing to marr.

Applegate Theodore Yes Mincy
Copeland Omeda A. Yes Cedar Creek
08-Aug-1897 W. C. Seago, MG B 2 p 289

Applegate Sherman No Cedar Creek
Hinkle Mary T. No Cedar Creek
18-Dec-1898 W. C. Seago, Rev. B 2 p 374 Both sets of parents have given their assent to said marr.

Applegate George R. No Mincy
Gilstrap Mary P. No Mincy 1
8-Jul-1897 W. C. Seago, MG B 2 p 280 No assent given for either bride or groom

Arnold J. H. Yes Forsyth
Knox Jennie E. Yes Forsyth
14-Feb-1891 J. M. Haworth, Elder of the Christian Church B 1 232

Arnold James No Lowery (sic) Boone Co. AR
Coker Nora Yes Boone, Boone Co. AR
20-Feb-1898 John R. Wilson, JP B 2 p 327 Parents of the groom have given their assent to said marr.

Arnold David No Springfield, Greene Co. MO
Bilyeu Catherine Yes Candsil ? (Vks–Eau de Vie, Christian Co. MO)
01-Oct-1895 J. F. Joines, JP B 2 p 183

Arnold Walter A. Yes Protem
Manes Sallie A. No Forsyth
27-Dec-1897 J. M. Haworth, ECC B 2 p 318 Salle’s mother has given her assent to said marriage.

Arnold V. F. No Boone, Boone Co. AR
Minnic Verda No Boone, Boone Co. AR 0
4-Aug-1889 Thomas W. Darrell B 1 p 146 Ralph Arnold, father of groom, and Peter Minnic, father of bride, gave their assent each gave their assent to said marriage

Ashmore Jessie T. Yes Kirbyville
Caldwell Lillie Yes Kirbyville
14-Feb-1891 bride’s father, Jus. Of P. B 1 p 230

Atchison William J. Yes Cedar Valley
Harriett Ruth A. No Cedar Valley
16-Jan-1887 P.F. Stoddard, JP B 1 p 34 at residence of bride. J. G. White, her guardian, gives his consent in person to the marriage

Atchison John Yes Cedar Valley
Youngblood T. Yes Cedar Valley
16-Feb-1890 W. S. Haggert (vks–Haggard?), Baptist Minister B 1 p 171

Atchison James A. Yes Cedar Valley
Jackson Nora Yes Cedar Valley
11-Jan-1887 James T. Gwaltney, Baptist Minister B 1 p 33

Atkins Columbus L. Yes Kissee Mills
Beeler Maggie J. No Kissee Mills
22-Sep-1895 M. G. Johnson, Min B 2 p 181 Maggie’s father gave his assent

Ayres Charlie M. No Protem
Nance Ollie Yes Protem
01-May-1898 E.L. Hale, MG B 2 p 342 Parents of Charlie have given their assent to said marr.

Ayres Thomas Yes Protem
Sullivan Nancy J. No Protem
17-Aug-1890 E.L. Hale, preacher B 1 p 200 R.W. Sullivan, father of Nancy, gave his assent

Ayres H. S. Yes Protem
Sturgin Rosa C. Yes Kissee Mills
24-Nov-1895 J. A. Thomas, JP B 2 p 190

Ayres B. F. Yes Kissee Mills
Linkous Mary S. No Kissee Mills
26-Mar-1899 M. G. Johnson, Judge B 2 p 400 Parents have given assent to marr of Mary

Backus C. H. Yes Branson
Combs Laura Yes Branson
03-Apr-1892 W. R. Cox, JP B 1 p 282

Baird John T. Yes Ozark, Christian Co. MO S
tout Myrtle L. No Forsyth
19-Nov-1897 J. M. Haworth, Elder B 2 p 313 Parents of Myrtle have given assent to said marriage

Baker Wm. A. Yes Swan
Lawson Leona Yes Taney City
21-Mar-1894 W. S. Dipley, Rev. B 2 p 96

Baldwin James Yes Forsyth
Pike Nora Yes Forsyth
16-Apr-1889 J. M. Haworth, Elder of Christian Church B 1 p 138

Baldwin I. H. Yes Forsyth
Thompson Arttie B. Yes Forsyth
13-Dec-1891 Wm. H. Jones, JP B 1 p 267

Banks Geo. W. Yes Walnut Shade
Alma (sic-Alms) Susie E. Yes Walnut Shade
19-Sep-1897 A. L. Weatherman, JP B 2 p 297

Banner J. L. Yes Protem
Buttler Susan Yes Protem
07-Nov-1890 unknown B 1 p 210 by Ordained Preacher of Gospel who did not give his name

Barber Henry E. Yes Cedar Creek
Brown Meranda R. Yes Cedar Creek
08-Jan-1893 H. L. Irelan, JP B 2 p 29

Barchman H. A. Yes Kirbyville
Kieshlick Ona Yes Kirbyville
27-May-1895 D. H. Pickett, Min. B 2 p 160

Barker Edward E. Yes Forsyth
Sullinger Dora No Taney City
25-Dec-1889 J. M. Haworth, Elder of Christian Church B 1 p 167 Her father gives his assent to said marriage

Barnes C. B. Yes Oak Flat, Van Buren Co. AR
Bradley Jane Yes Oak Flat, Van Buren Co. AR
29-May-1891 W. H. Jones, JP B 1 p 242 Each made oath that they are of legal age to marry

Barnes John W. Yes Swan
Barous (sic) Lillie Yes Swan
22-Jan-1888 W. C. Dykes, JP

Barnes M. H. Yes Bradleyville
Michel Nannie Yes Bradleyville
06-Nov-1889 T. J. Stottle, JP B 1 p 160

Barnett John Yes Brown Branch
Johnson Lattitia Yes Brown Branch
03-Feb-1886 T. J. Hicks, MG B 1 p 86 at bride’s home

Bateman William A. Yes Taneyville
Ward Martha E. Yes Kissee Mills
29-Nov-1899 Arthur Rogers, MG B 2 p 432

Bateman Daniel L. Yes Swan
Adams (Mrs.) Mary Yes Swan
28-Mar-1886 J. M. Bedingfield, MG ?

Batt George W. Yes Protem
Blankenship Laura C. Yes Protem
12-Mar-1898 S. P. Dotson, JP B 2 p 332

Batt Henry S. Yes Protem
Caldwell Maud Yes Protem
03-Jul-1898 Simon P. Dotson, JP B 2 p 350

Baughman George Yes Cedar Creek
Juda Rosa Yes Cedar Creek
20-May-1894 W. L. Irelan, JP B 2 p 102

Bayles Luther J. Yes Walnut Shade
Keithley Sarah E. Yes Walnut Shade
30-Nov-1898 A. L. Weatherman, JP B 2 p 372

Beaman William Yes Branson
Compton Eva Yes Branson
01-Jan-1893 W. R. Cox, JP B 2 p 28

Bearden L. F. Yes Day
Cupp Laura Yes Day
18-Apr-1894 James C. Keithley, JP B 2 p 97

Beddingfield John W. Yes Taney City
Chitwood Belle Yes Taney City
27-Nov-1892 J. M. Haworth B 2 p 21

Bedingfield G. T. Yes Taneyville
Nance Jane Yes Taneyville
23-Nov-1894 Ed Wellington, JP B 2 p 125 G. T. Bedingfield makes oath and says that Jane is over 18 yrs of age

Beehymer Mansford No Tidwell
Ford Sarah No Tidwell
29-Apr-1894 J. W. Sullivan, Min. B 2 p 99

Beeler John W. Yes Kissee Mills
Mosely Elizabeth Yes Kissee Mills
20-Jan-1896 Arthur Rogers, MG B 2 p 198

Behymer James Yes Protem
Hatfield Lottie No Protem
21-Jan-1894 Wm. R. Burnett, Rev. B 2 p 89 C. L. Auberry, guardian, has given his assent to marry

Beirs John H. Yes Walnut Shade
Kieth Allice B. No Walnut Shade
27-Feb-1887 J. W. Boyd, JP B 1 p 46 Her father being present and giving assent to her marriage

Bell Thomas Yes Cedar Creek
Bentley Annie Yes Cedar Creek
28-Sep-1890 J. L. Dunlap, JP B 1 p 207

Bell William W. Yes Forsyth
Brown Susannah E. Yes Taney City
22-Mar-1891 J. M. Haworth, Elder, of Christian Church B 1 p 237

Bell W. I. Yes Forsyth
Queen Louise A. No Forsyth
18-Jul-1889 W. H. Jones, JP B 1 p 146 E. B. Queen, father of said Louis (sic) gives his assent to said marriage

Benjamin Julius P. Yes Protem
Frank Bessie L. Yes Protem
06-Jan-1895 A. D. Deakins, JP B 2 p 132 Julius swore upon his oath that Bessie is over 18 years of age.

Bentley J. P. Yes Cedar Creek
Brown Mary J. Yes Cedar Creek
04-Dec-1886 J. C. Birdwell, JP B 1 p 36

Beroth Oben Yes Walnut Shade
Gloyd Sarah Yes Kirbyville
02-Dec-1894 John Speer, M.G. B 2 p 121

Beroth Oben No Walnut Shade
Jones Fannie Yes Branson
01-Feb-1898 J. M. Kinyon, JP B 2 p 324

Berry Samuel Yes Kissee Mills
Garver Ora Yes Kissee Mills
26-Mar-1899 A. J. Golden, MG B 2 p 399

Berry Marvin Yes Branson
McMullen Nancy Yes Branson
20-Jul-1895 Wm. Maddux, JP B 2 p 170

Berry G. W. Yes Branson
Fossett Sarah L. Yes Branson
02-Aug-1891 W. P. Cox, JP B 1 p 248

Berry W. M. Yes Branson
Fullerton M. M. Yes Branson
10-Mar-1889 W. R. Cox, JP B 1 p 133

Berry T. J. Yes Branson
Stephens Mary M. Yes Cedar Valley
13-Feb-1887 T. A. Stephens, Min. B 1 p 40

Beshear W. R. Yes Kirbyville
Pertle Lyla Yes Kirbyville
09-Dec-1895 John Spear, MG B 2 p 193

Beyers Louis N. Yes Chadwick, Christian Co. MO
Ince Henryettie No Swan
11-Sep-1898 W. S. Dipley, Elder B 2 p 358 Parents of bride have given their assent to said marr.

Biles George H.T. Yes Mincy
Pruitt Dora B. No Mincy
26-Aug-1888 James E. Minor, MG B 1 p 106

Bilyeu William T. Yes Eau de Vie, Christian Co. MO
Meadows May Yes Bluff
20-Jul-1897 O. F. Snow, Elder B 2 p 286

Bilyeu Martin F. Yes Andevil (sic–Eau de Vie, Christian Co. MO)
Haggard Martha A. A. Yes Kirbyville
26-Aug-1893 J. M. Hayworth, Elder of Christian Church B 2 p 58

Bingham H. L. Yes Protem
Hunnycutt Jane No Protem
14-Oct-1885 W. F. Stone, JP B 1 p 5 George Curry, brother-in-law of said Jane Hunnycutt files his affidavit herewith that she has neither father nor mother living but they are both dead, and there is no objection to said marriage

Bingham R. W. Yes Kirbyville
White Dorinda Yes Kirbyville
19-Nov-1895 John Speer, MG B 2 p 189

Bird William T. Yes Protem
Stone Sidney E. Yes Protem
03-Jul-1892 Simon P. Dotson, JP B 1 p 292

Bird W. F. No Bradleyville
Garrison Matilda Yes Brown Branch
18-Aug-1887 Jno. H. Bird, MG B 1 p 49 Affidavit made that Matilda was over 18 years of age, and the father of W.F. Bird gives consent

Birdwell J. H. Yes Cedar Creek
Brown Susie J. Yes Cedar Creek
11-Sep-1898 Allen R. Bagley, MG B 2 p 356

Birdwell S. D. Yes Cedar Creek
Holt Grace No Cedar Creek
08-Nov-1896 not given B 2 p 251 at home of Thomas Holt. Parents of Grace have given their assent to marr.

Birdwell Riley V. No Cedar Creek
Parks Ellen No Cedar Creek
07-Feb-1889 Montgomery Smith, MG B 1 p 124 Mrs. S. C. Birdwell, mother of said Riley, giving her assent in writing to said marriage, and John Parks, father of said Ellen being present in person and giving his assent too

Blackwell Charlie No Cedar Creek
Fisher Sarah Yes Kirbyville
23-Oct-1892 H. L. Irelan, JP B 2 p 17 Charlie Blackwell and Calvin Ogle on their oath state that the mother of said Charlie Blackwell has given her assent to said marriage

Blain H. H. Yes Cedar Creek
Rhyn Signord No Cedar Creek
B 1 p 128 Nothing filled out on this marriage if it took place

Blair William No Hercules
Warren Georgia M. Yes Cedar Creek
01-Nov-1899 N. G. Johnson, MG B 2 p 429 Father of William has given his assent to said marr.

Blair Ira D. Yes Brown Branch
Pierce Alice M. Yes Bradleyville
20-Apr-1899 R. D. Caudill, JP B 2 p 403

Blair J. C. Yes Brown Branch
Prather, Mrs. Gertrude Yes Kirbyville
25-Mar-1897 James R. Vanzandt, MG B 2 p 268

Blakey J. H. Yes Protem
Smith Mary No Protem
29-Jul-1891 E. L. Hale, Min B 1 p 247 Wm and Martha Smith, parents of Mary, give their assent in writing

Blakey Jasper M. Yes Protem
Tawns Mahalie Yes Protem
29-Nov-1891 E. L. Hale, Min B 1 p 267

Blandon John A. Yes Cedar Valley
Atchison Emma Yes Cedar Valley
28-Mar-1887 A. Winkle, Preacher B 1 p 49 John N. Blandon makes affidavit that Emma Atchison is over the age of 18 years

Blansit John C. Yes Walnut Shade
Cook, Mrs. Maggie Yes Day
19-Mar-1899 A. L. Weatherman, JP B 2 p 398

Blasingame G. R. Yes Walnut Shade
Lewallen Maggie Yes Walnut Shade
09-Apr-1896 J. M. Haworth, Elder B 2 p 217

Bledsow Wesley Yes Bradleyville
Lawson Chiny F. Yes Bradleyville
09-Dec-1888 Arthur Rogers B 1 p 117

Blevins T. E. Yes Mincy
Goodall Martha Yes Marmaros, Stone Co. MO
30-Jun-1899 Isaac Hornbeck, JP B 2 p 412

Blevins Grant Yes Denver, Carroll Co. AR
Long Amanda Yes Denver, Carroll Co. AR
25-Nov-1893 James F. Brittain, Min. B 2 p 71

Blevins W. A. Yes Denver, Boone Co. AR
Goodall Dora Yes Denver, Boone Co. AR
17-May-1899 Isaac Hornbeck, JP B 2 p 406

Blood Calvin L. Yes Boone, Boone Co. AR
Thomas Sarah J. Yes Boone, Boone Co. AR
10-Apr-1895 David Martin, MG B 2 p 148 Calvin, on his oath, swears that Sarah is over 18 yrs of age

Bloomer William Yes Bradleyville
Chaffin Belle Yes Taneyville
27-Oct-1896 J. M. Haworth, Elder B 2 p 249

Blunk William H. Yes Bradleyville
Smith, Mrs. J. J. Yes Brown Branch
21-May-1899 Lewis C. Guthrey, MG B 2 p 396

Blunk Archie Yes Bradleyville
Cranfield Mattie No Bradleyville
04-Apr-1889 Thos. L. Fitch, Judge County Court B 1 p 135 M. Cranfield, father of bride having given his consent in writing to said marriage

Blunk H. M. Yes Bradleyville
Todd Laura C. Yes Bradleyville
08-Jul-1896 J. M. Kinyon, MG B 2 p 232

Blunk J. P. No Bradleyville
Byrns Mary S. Yes Bradleyville
18-Jun-1893 Arthur Rogers, Minister of Gospel B 2 p 53 W. W. Blunk, father of J. P. has given his assent to said marr.

Blunk Henry Yes Bradleyville
Lawrence Mary Yes Haworth
09-Sep-1888 A. J. Filbeck, Min B 1 p 108

Blunk, Jr. Wm. H. Yes Bradleyville
Selvidge Margaret No Bradleyville
18-Jul-1892 A. J. Filbeck B 2 p 3 A. J. Selvidge, father of Margaret has given his assent to said marriage

Bohanon C. F. Yes Boone, Boone Co. AR
Wilson E. Yes Boone, Boone Co. AR
B 1 p 52 Did not fill out blank according to law; no marriage recorded

Bolen John H. No Walnut Shade
Masters Laura E. No Walnut Shade
22-Jun-1898 J. M. Kinyon, JP B 2 p 349 Mother of John and parents of Laura have given their assent to said marr.

Bolt Walter A. Yes Cedar Valley
Gillis Martha E. Yes Cedar Valley
22-Feb-1893 W. M. Kerns, Eld. B 2 p 40

Bonebrake Jas. E. Yes Chanute, Neosho Co. KS
Kilby Florence Yes Taney City
25-Feb-1893 J. M. Hayworth, Elder of Christian Church B 2 p 41

Bonner Newsom Yes Protem
Batt May Yes Protem
20-Nov-1898 Simon P. Dotson, JP B 2 p 370

Bookout William T. Yes Kirbyville
Yandell Effie Yes Kirbyville
22-Aug-1897 D. H. Pickett, MG B 2 p 292

Boothe James M. Yes Mincy
McGill Louisa Yes Mincy
02-Nov-1892 Joseph A. Cornett, JP B 2 p 18

Boothe J. G. Yes Mincy
Franco Tennessee Yes Mincy
14-Dec-1893 J. R. Wilson, JP for Scott Twp. B 2 p 73

Borah Benjamin Yes Swan
Acton Clara No Swan
18-Mar-1897 J. M. Haworth, Elder B 2 p 267

Boswell R. Grant Yes Forsyth
Wisdom Lucy E. Yes Branson
29-Jun-1895 J. M. Haworth, Elder B 2 p 158

Boswell John R. Yes Branson
Compton Martha R. Yes Branson
19-Aug-1887 J. A. Beard, MG B 1 p 64

Bovard David Yes Reno, Christian Co. MO
Hodge Eliza J. Yes Kirbyville
26-Mar-1886 Wm. H. Jones, JP B 1 p 11

Bowerman Jacob L. Yes Forsyth
Middleton Gracie M. No Forsyth
03-Mar-1895 J. M. Haworth, Elder B 2 p 145 Gracie’s father gave his assent, in writing

Bowerman Enoch M. Yes Forsyth
Haines Delila No Forsyth
25-Dec-1898 J. M. Kinyon, JP B 2 p 379 Parents of bride have given their assent to said marr.

Bowlin William Yes Bill Fonte AR (Belle Fonte, Boone Co. AR)
Martin Nancy T. Yes Bill Fonte, AR (Belle Fonte, Boone Co. AR)
12-Jun-1895 J. M. Kinyon, JP B 2 p 161

Bowman E. A. Yes Cedar Valley (Stone Co.)
Wade Emma Yes Forsyth
04-Nov-1888 A. Winkle, Preacher of the Gospel B 1 p 113 Animap version 2.0 shows Cedar Valley in Taney Co

Box R. N. Yes Eandime (sic–Eau de Vie, Christian Co. MO)
Teeters Lillie Yes Bluff
30-Nov-1899 J. A. Wagner, JP B 1 p 432

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