Take a look at these great, free, research sites for Missouri, the United States, and Worldwide—our favorites among the many that are now available online!


Census Online — Choose your state and county. Most counties have at least one census transcription online.

Family Search — This is the site for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and they have made many records available to everyone at no cost, including some images of the original documents.

Missouri Secretary of State — This link on the Missouri Secretary of State’s website features imaged death certificates, as well as a Soldier’s database and Missouri’s Judicial Records.

History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy — A helpful article for beginners. Scroll to the end for a list of online resources.

The Genealogy Guide

Genealogy Research Strategies


American Life Histories: Manuscripts from the Federal Writers’ Project, 1936–1940 — You can search by state, or keywords—an essential source for anyone researching the WPA and what it was like to live during the late 1930s.

1895 U.S. Atlas — Maps like this really help you with your research—be sure to read the introduction regarding copying them to another site or for publication.

The Official Federal Land Records Site — If your ancestors fought in some of the wars in the U.S., they may have been awarded a land patent. This easy-to-use site also contains survey plats/notes, and land status records.

Dead Fred — Any pictures of your ancestors on this site?

Missouri Digital Heritage — A wide range of topics throughout Missouri are on this site, including Civil War and Native American information, photographs, postcards, letters, newspapers and more!

Civil War

Civil War Buff — This is a wonderful site to research Arkansas Civil War history. Multiple links to click and study.

National Parks Service Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Database — Search by soldiers, sailors, regiments, cemeteries, battles, prisoners, medals of honor, and monuments.

Native American

Cherokee Genealogy Site — many links and some really interesting historical information.

Native American Nations — This site features Native American tribal histories, rolls, census, cemeteries, etc for over 35 tribes.

Native American—Indian Genealogy — Searchable rolls and other records for many, many tribes.