Ozarks Romance at Historical Society

Wedding Parlor

A parlor scene, including cake and wedding gifts, is part of the WRVHS's newest exhibit, "Ozark Romance"

When did the tradition of a bride wearing white develop? What homespun remedy is a “sure cure” for a complexion problem? How can you be sure you dream of your future spouse? Answers to these questions and more are answered during the White River Valley Historical Society’s “Ozarks Romance” exhibit, where love is in the air through March 30th.

The exhibit, created by members of the Society, gives visitors a look at marriage and courtship in the area, including folklore, chivarees, anniversaries, hope chests, and shotgun weddings. Vintage gowns and nightgowns are part of the display, as well as valentines from the 1930s, albums, hope chest items, and a ‘parlor’ ready for the big day!

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